The Cyprus Museum

As the oldest museum in Cyprus, The Cyprus Museum (TCM) should be the most recognizable museum in Cyprus but unfortunately it lacked an identity which resulted in locals ignoring or forgeting the existance of the museum and tourists not even being aware it exists, hence this project. The goal was to modernise the iconic traditional art style found in the islands history to attract locals and create a recognizable “face” while showing a glimpse of what to expect to tourists to solve the above mentioned issues.

The symbol is inspired by one of the most famous pieces the museum has to offer, an iconic pattern style found around the island throughout the years inverted and modernized to fit the needs of the project. The pattern-like symbol also helped solve an issue the museum faced with separating their three(3) buildings to easily identifiable sections by modifying how many times the pattern repeats (no repeat section 1, one repeat section 2, two repeats section 3).