andreas vasileiou

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The Cyprus Museum

The goal for TCM (The Cyprus Museum) logo was to create memorable, modern symbol that would showcase the traditional Cypriot style of artwork that dominated Cyprus through out the years.

Inspiration for the logo came from one of the main pieces of the museum and more specifically it’s pattern. A pattern that by looking a bit closer spelled the letters “K” and “M”, which are the initials of Kypriako Mouseio (Cyprus Museum). In addition to that I drew inspiration from the museum’s new building that sparked the need to redesign the museum’s identity. The architect separated the building in three parts that in his eyes symbolize the tree sections Cyprus is divided, which are “The upper belt with the suspended body of the museum ,the intermediate zone that accepts the city and the ground zone that receives everyday functions”.


The primary font for The Cyprus Museum is the font Helvetica Neue and as a complimentary font Caslon Pro, because of their timeless nature, they look modern and trustworthy which fits what the client strives for.