Meantime is a *MUST* see attraction for any beer lover visiting London, the company has visitors from all around the world and is featured constantly in "what to do in London as a tourist" list but it lacks in "regulars", the people that no matter what or where will choose meantime instead of any other beer. In part this is because of the nature of their audience that just wants to try any beer they see, the "beer enthusiasts". The aim for this project is to create an identity that resonates with the current audience while creating something potential regulars can relate/connect to.

In an attempt to make something both groups resonate with, I created two characters, one for each group. The regulars are "Annie", the explorer/adventurous type and the beer enthusiasts are "Dan", the classic biker guy. I noticed two parallels between them, their love for expressing themselves through their tattoos and that both, Annie and Dan, took pride in what they chose to drink. Both similarities are an expression of ones self in their eyes. The solution presented itself, a tattoo-like emblem inspired by the classic skull tattoo you usually find on a biker's arm combined with the more cartoonish, fun-loving side of an adventurer. I also took into account how tattoo artists create their shadows with little dots and incorporated that to all illustrations.